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The Gateway Biomedical Society was formed in March, 1990 and consists of Clinical, Biomedical, and Radiological Engineering professionals. Also represented are manufacturer sales and service representatives, and other individuals in the medical instrumentation community in the St. Louis metro area and all parts of Illinois and

Missouri. The group meets the third Thursday of every other month (January, March, May, etc.) at different hospitals and medical facilities in the area.  Most meetings consist of a technical presentation by an equipment manufacturer or a member of the society, followed by a general business meeting to discuss issues involving our society and the communities we work in. 


The name of this organization shall be Gateway Biomedical Society (GBS).



The purpose of GBS is to provide a forum to promote the personal and professional growth and development of our members, the advancement of our profession, and to provide an environment to create understanding and cooperation between our members.




The individual membership to the organization shall be open to all persons interested in the field of Biomedical/Clinical Engineering and its role in the healthcare community.

The associate membership shall be open to students enrolled in and attending an accredited institution of higher learning and are interested in this field.

An institutional membership shall be available to healthcare facilities which demonstrate an interest in medical instrumentation. Institutional memberships shall have 2 voting representatives.

A corporate membership shall be available to organizations whose main purpose is to provide a service and/or produce a product related to the healthcare field. Corporate memberships will have 2 voting representatives.

Membership Dues:

Dues shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and changes approved by the members. Membership fee for active members shall be due on January 1 for the calendar year. Persons joining after July 1 will pay only half the membership fee for the first year.



·         The voting body shall consist of individual, institutional, and corporate members in good standing.

·         Each shall be entitled to one vote, exercised in person or by proxy, on any matter requiring a vote of the membership.

·         A member is considered "in good standing" if they have attended at least one of the previous three meetings and has paid their dues.



·         Meetings shall be held at least 6 times a year.

·         One of the meetings will be designated the Annual Meeting by the assembly.



Term of office for all officers is two consecutive years. Vacancies shall be filled at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


·         Presides over all Board and general membership meetings.

·         Chairs the Board of Directors.

·         Coordinates overall planning and activities.

·         Attends all Board and organizational meetings and functions.

·         Assures that all documents, certificates, and reports have been filed as required by local, state, and federal laws.

·         Is one of the officers who signs checks and drafts.

·         Is an active member of the organization.

Vice President

·         Becomes acting President in the absence or inability of the President to exercise the duties and office.

·         Is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

·         Serves as chairman of at least one standing committee, as determined by the needs of the Society.

·         Attends all Board and organizational meetings and functions.

·         Is an active member of the organization.


·         Manages the collection and disbursements of all organization monies.

·         Maintains accurate records, and makes records available for audit upon request of the Board of Directors.

·         Is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

·         Deposits organization funds in a bank designated by the Board of Directors.

·         Provides financial report at each Board and membership meeting and an annual report.

·         Is an active member of the organization.

·         Is one of the Officers authorized to sign checks


·         Records and distributes Board and organization meeting minutes.

·         Is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

·         Files any certificates required by any federal or state statute.

·         Maintains the current membership mailing list.

·         Coordinates distribution of meeting notices and communications with Communications/Newsletter/Web Page Committee.

·         Maintains a directory of all officers, Board Members and committee chairpersons for each fiscal year.

·         Attends all Board and organizational meetings and functions.

·         Is an active member of the organization.

Board of Directors

·         Shall consist of Existing Officers, Past President and 3 members from membership.

·         Provides input concerning planning and operations.

·         Performs service assignments as requested by the President.

·         Attends all Board and organization meetings and functions.

·         Active members of the organization.

·         Serves as By-Law and Policy committee.



Program Committee

·         Plans and executes all organization meetings.

·         Typically chaired by the President.

·         Identifies and recruits speakers.

·         Identifies and coordinates potential tours.

·         Develops and distributes annual Events Schedule.

Membership Committee

·         Responsible for membership growth and retention.

·         Typically chaired by the Vice President.

·         Recruits a corporate representative at each local hospital or other healthcare facility to notify colleagues of upcoming events.

·         Maintains a current membership mailing list and coordinates its accuracy with the organizations Secretary.

·         Works with organization officers to develop methods of attracting and retaining members.

Nominating Committee

·         Comprised of members who have no personal involvement in the election.

·         Chaired by a past President or the outgoing President.

·         Reviews the entire membership list in settling on a final slate.

·         Keeps all discussions regarding nominees confidential and within the Nominating Committee.

·         Contacts proposed nominees to determine their interest and explain their responsibilities. Requests nominee agreement in writing before the election.

·         Presents full slate of nominees to the Board of Directors for final approval, prior to the election by the full membership.

·         Provides written ballots and records the results of the elections as outlined in the by-laws.

Communications/Newsletter/Web Page Committee

·         Responsible for transmitting information to members on all organization activities and industry developments.

·         Works with the Secretary and Membership Committee to maintain current membership mailing list.

·         Writes and distributes all chapter meeting notices to all current and prospective members.

·         Maintains distribution list with Membership Committee.

Vendor Relations Committee

·         Responsible for recommending activities to insure that the interests of suppliers to the industry are properly represented.

·         Works with the Membership Committee to ensure that a favorable balance of manufacturer/vendor representatives is maintained in the organization.



·         The Nominations Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for all officers. Other nominations may come from the floor at a meeting.

·         Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.

·         All ballots shall be counted by two judges, which are appointed by the Board of Directors.

·         The election of officers is coordinated by the Nominating Committee.

·         In case of a tie vote, the winner shall be determined by the Board of Directors.



All procedural matters not expressly covered in these by-laws will reference the current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order"



·         Amendments to these by-laws may be made with two-thirds majority vote.

·         Motions to make amendments must be made at the meeting prior to the vote.

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